get to know me meme: favorite girl groups (4/4)4minute
“We always prefer being unique to being the best. So our goal has always been ‘Have your own color’, not ‘Win the first place.’ We would not come back this moment if we didn’t have confidence on that.”

"I really don’t like it [guys playing hard to get]. I wish that we’d be able to just keep looking at each other like sunflowers." 
happy birthday to apink’s maknae oh hayoung!

140712 Good Luck
Good Luck’s 11th win!

4minute fan challenge: [1/3] favorite pairings in 4minute

↳ ahga

I’m falling falling for your love 

happy 5th anniversary <3 to our beautiful, gorgeous and talented girls 4minute! we love you very very much! don’t ever change, we’ll always support you and love you no matter what. thank you for your smiles and laughs, thank you for your music, and thank you for just being 4minute. hope you are stay strong, healthy and happy forever.

Just with your twinkling eyes,

You shine a light in my glass-like heart, crystal